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Release Date: March 22, 2024

Produced by Chris Coady (Beach House, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Future Islands) Canadian alt-pop artist Adaline's upcoming EP "Hymnal" is both inspired by her journey of reconciling queerness and her religious upbringing as the daughter of an evangelical minister and by the stories of hundreds of LGBTQ+ people in a non-profit community she founded called Bad Believer that helps people heal from religious trauma.  The EP opens with snippets of voices from the community followed by "Brave", a song highlighting the vulnerability and anxiety of coming out to family and religious communities.  Following tracks speak to the heartbreak of being rejected by community, the fatigue of justifying who you are, and the failure of a church system to embody the kind of love they preach.  The tone then shifts to a more hopeful gaze with "If Something Is Good" encouraging us to fight for our valued connections and closes with Adaline's love letter to her parents called "What Love is All About", showcasing the power of love when one is fully accepted and embraced.