It takes only a few moments of conversation with the prodigiously talented composer/songwriter Adaline to be drawn in by her insightful intelligence and charm. It takes a similarly brief length of time when listening to the powerfully evocative and percussive poetic melodies of her music to experience another side of the artist – one that is intensely revelatory, emotionally unbound and searing in its honesty.

A successful and prolific composer of music for film and television the Canadian-born now Los Angeles-based Adaline has had music licensed in more than 90 scenes including multiple songs on Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, Tiny Pretty Things, Lost Girl, Below Her Mouth, Wynonna Earp and The Samaritan starring Samuel L. Jackson. She also collaborated on the score for the Bret Easton Ellis written film The Canyons with Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene.

Praised by Canadian Beats as "one of the greatest Canadian pop-albums in recent years", her latest release "Dear Illusion," fuses alt-pop hooks with stories of disillusionment, addiction, and a journey into a revelatory love. Songs explore the push and pull of the illusions we create and how we tend embrace the ones that destroy us the most. Largely produced by Maximilian Jaeger (Diplo, Big Sean), there is a noted shift from the moody sound we would normally expect from Adaline. Lyrically still dark and reflective but with a sonic lightness that feels dreamy, ethereal and in the words of Billboard, "takes us to angelic heights".